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Ayurveda (Ah-yur-vay duh) is one of the oldest healthcare practices still in use today, dating back more than five thousand years.  Cultivating Individual Health is our motto, and we believe each day is a new opportunity to restore bodily homeostasis and bring about greater longevity and happiness.  The challenges of staying balanced today are different than they were five thousand years ago, so at Blue Oak Ayurveda we have made merging the old modalities with modern conditions and circumstances the core of our business.  We strive to deliver ancient knowledge in a way that appeals to the lifestyles of modern, busy people.  


     Through consultation, bodywork, skin care, seasonal detoxification, yoga, workshops, and outdoor activities, we help individuals acquire the knowledge and skills needed to reach the balance they seek.  We look forward to serving  your holistic healthcare needs, and wish you good health of the body, and illumination and levity of the mind and heart. 


The Blue Oak Family of Practitioners

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