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Seasonal Health for the Weary

Aren't we all tired of the pace of life, our jobs, and constant distractions robbing us of our health and vitality? When late winter comes, I think of spring cleaning; and when summer ends, I daydream about wearing sweaters and eating soup. Seasonal changes bring on natural instincts that we can all relate to, but often find that stagnant routines and demanding schedules interfere with our innate urge to shift and adjust with the season. What if the demands of Gregorian fabrication fell by the wayside for a handful of days a couple of times a year, so we can reset our internal clocks and invite harmony back to the body? What if cleansing and healing became a routine part of our lives, in direct harmony with and response to seasonal shifts?

Healing and detoxification cycles require a branch of attention that our often bustling distraction-laden days do not. To make way for the possibility, store up your reserve time for resting and recreational time in nature. During Pancha Karma, skip the party or social event, focus on the work you have to do to sustain your livelihood and meet your family's expectations, and discard the rest. Some people have the financial and personal freedom to take all, or most, of the time off during Pancha Karma, but by simply taking a reduction in outside commitments--even 30%--you can start affording yourself the luxury of true, deep and permanent healing!

In Ayurveda's wisdom from time immemorial, seasonal cleansing, or Pancha Karma, is a means to realign the digestive system, alleviate disease and dormancy from the tissues, and bring the mind, emotions, and spiritual bodies back into a peaceful state. Repair of the three stages of digestion in the stomach, small intestine, and colon brings about premium nutrient absorption, alleviation of toxins, impurities and stress, and helps to resurrect cohesive expression of the immune system. Gone are the days of letting the world beat you down, declare your independence and return to health this spring, this fall and forevermore. Affordable, custom led programs are designed for your particular needs and budget, offered in Spring and Fall.

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